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@Skelebone: Nice to see so many new customs!  With customs feedback I generally prefer to recommend only point cost adjustments so everything else with the game piece can stay the same, barring any broken abilities/etc.  Here are my thoughts:

Gladan: 6 points
Turuma keyword is neat, I’d be interested to try out the rotation movement.
Otto Gustaf Nordenskold: 6 or 7 points, as Canceller is certainly worth 5+ on its own.
Azov: 13 points
Captain Ramius: 8 points
Nachtkrapp: 4 points
Roter Teufel: Have a feeling this could come down to 10 or 11, but would want to playtest first.
Krikun: 12 points
Hel: 12 points (compare to the Golden Medusa from RV, which I think is good at 15)
Godeke Michels: 6 points (I need to playtest Massacre more but feel Wizkids definitely overpriced it)
Likedeeler: 5 points (^similar for Hoard)
Krampus: can probably get away with 7 points if you want. (ex: Executioner from RV likely not OP at all and is better overall)
SMS Friedrich der Grosse: I think this would be fine at 17 or 18 if you want to lower it.
SMS Falke: 11 points (I see her as a 6 point ship without those abilities)
SMS Schultzie: I would up this to at least 27 for playtesting. HMS Endeavour would still see play at probably 24+ points, and this adds important speed and a cargo space.
Grosse Jacht: 6 points. I would change the second ability to: “If this ship rolls a 6 when shooting, she may be given an extra shoot action.” The intent wasn’t unclear but I wouldn’t want people to interpret it as a global effect (unless I’m mistaken, in which case the ability would be broken heh) Fun flavor text!
SMS Amazone: 8 points. Interesting linked/named crew options….
SMS Luchs: One of the harder ones to judge. I’m wary she’s worth 14-15.
SMS Ludwig II: My fave from the set so far. I’m a sucker for these stacked ships lol no matter the cost. She might even prove herself to be worth 18-19.
The Black Baron should be fun to playtest, the 6 roll reminds me of what I’ve thought about for the historical pirates that captured a ton of prizes in their careers (such as Black Bart, Black Sam Bellamy).
Fallen Eagle: 16 points
Polska: 15-16 points
Prestige: 8 points
Sudden Death: 13 points
Johanna Hard: 3 points (I’m strongly opposed to how Wizkids costed this.)
John Derdrake: 5 points
Love the Death’s Hand, nice name for the ship.
Thorn: 6 points
Captain Leviathan: 9 points (C+H+EA is an amazing package, but the Ransom and Hostile: everyone is ugly enough to probably lower his cost by 1 point. Debatable though since combining the 3 positive abilities into 1 cargo space is probably worth a few points)
I like the tradeoffs of Gunpowder Barrels!
Traitor is interesting since the traitor could be killed in the boarding party in question.
Riches from Distant Lands: I could see this getting messy, regardless of the campaign game implications of sudden windfall riches. It sounds like it would force the next player to reveal how much gold they have. By “held”, is it just gold on their home island or does it include gold on ships, in forts/etc? Such a big reveal might change a game by tipping off other players if they should build a fort, flip Trade Route (UT from SCS), HI raid said player, etc.
False Sighting: A personal nitpick but I think it should trigger on a 1-2 since low rolls are almost always bad in Pirates; high rolls usually signify success.

Cool set and thanks for sharing! 😀 Hopefully my feedback makes sense and doesn’t sound too harsh. 🙂