Reply To: Introduce Yourself! Join the Crew!


@CrazyIvan: Welcome aboard matey!

I think I first played the game some time around 2010 or 2011 when my older brother came across a box of the Pirates of the Caribbean set that was on clearance sale from a stationary store. He bought a couple of packs before we then decided to go back and grab as many as we could. In the end we managed to get our hands on about a box and a half at the price of 50p a pack (about $0.75 at the time).

Nice!  That was definitely the time to collect, as a decade+ later prices have skyrocketed.

We’ve spent about 10 years thinking Maccus is the best crew in the game.

Incredible.  XD   Crazy how much people’s experiences can vary!

The site and all the information here has been hugely helpful in learning more about the game, so I just wanted to say thanks for all the effort you’ve put into it.

Thanks for the kind words and for joining!  RV is certainly one of the best sets and a great way to get back into the game.  🙂