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Some interesting slow gold runners there…. so Agi would be S+S+S for 7 points for 4 cargo on the way out, and S+S with about 4 coins on the way back… seems reasonable I suppose. The second one (reminds me of some Savage Shores pronunciations) is neat. I don’t think Nui’s ability is going to help her much, but perhaps there could be some niche situations.

Weird but funny one here:
Leaping Francis
1 point
Ability: This crew can move between ships within L of each other if cargo space allows for it. (You may assign this crew to an enemy ship within L of this ship.)

Flavor text: Sailors often laugh at this bizarre oddity. A nun who was scared out of her own life by some unknown horror, “Leaping Francis” jumps from ship to ship as if the Devil himself were following her every step.

Historical Custom of the Day #243

Captain Thompson
6 points
Ability: Captain. This ship gets +2 to her equipment and specialist rolls.

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