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The inspiration behind the Nurak was a character that compelled people to go back to their job/task. I translated it as best I could without making it too similar to existing mind control pieces.

Kinda weird for Pirates; maybe the ships that get hit cannot shoot at Nurak on their next turn? What makes the most sense to me would be forcing them to repeat the same action they took last turn, but that gets ugly trying to remember (especially in bigger games).

With those changes in mind, do you see their point costs changing much?

Nope – I think playtesting would be required to see what they’re like for further changes.

5 points
Ability: Reroll. Once per action you may double the range of one of this ship’s cannons.

Flavor text: This sailor has traveled among the French fleet, giving out his luck in large quantities. It seems that any gun crew that works with him becomes more accurate and effective in a short period of time.


Historical Custom of the Day #242

Ralph Delaval
10 points
Ability: Captain. Once per turn you may give any English ship within S of this ship +1 to her cannon rolls this turn. This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against French ships.

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