Reply To: Defeat Davy Jones Fleet Challenge

Luke Menzie

Fleet: Davy Jones Contest


Ship 23 Zeus PatOE 300

Crew 4    Bruce Grey PofSCS 043B

Crew 4    Capitaine Chevalle PotC 082A

Crew 12    Emperor Blackheart PatOE 300B

Crew 3    Captain Generic Crew

Ship 18 Enterprise PofR 070

Crew 6    Jonathan Haraden PofR 091

Ship 3 El Algeciras PatOE 067

Crew 3    Captain Generic Crew

Ship 7 La Republique PofBC 079

Crew 3    Musketeer Generic Crew

Crew 2    Firepot Specialist Generic Crew

Crew 1    Oarsman Generic Crew

Ship 17 Grand Path PofSCS 005

Crew 4    Kian Ng PofSCS 026B

Crew 4    Chang Pao PofSCS 027A

Ship 6 HMS Ram F&S 039


120 points.


The goal of this fleet is to cargo smash the Flying Dutchman, Executioner and Abomination of the Cursed Fleet. Zeus and Grand Path will inevitably die, but hopefully they will have cleared out enough of the cursed fleet for Republique to survive with her ability afterward.