Reply To: Defeat Davy Jones Fleet Challenge


Trying this again because I thought I made a post but now I can’t see it? Not the most deeply strategic fleet but it has a lot of firepower. Endeavor and Soleil Royal have cannoneers to ensure they are able to do their extra damage. Constitution is there as a tank and pretty much everyone else brings extra long range cannons to the fight. Here’s the rundown:

Deliverance + SM Calico Cat  (19 points)

San Cristobal (004) + Captain (20 Points)

Muerta De La Corona (9 Points)

HMS Endeavor + Captain + Helmsman + Cannoneer (28 points)

Le Soleil Royal + Captain + Helmsman + Cannoneer (20 Points)

Constitution + Helmsman (24 Points)

Looking forward to seeing how it goes!