Reply To: Defeat Davy Jones Fleet Challenge


Not sure how well it will work.

Fleet: Smoke, Fire and that which lies below…

Use the smoke to hide the fleet.
Cancellers to prevent cancelling, and remove pesky abilities.
Submarines to ram smaller ships.
Fire to burn those who get too close, and roast marshmallows.
San Cristobal to hit and run.

Faction Name Set #

English HMS Concorde Ocean’s Edge 048

English Firepot Specialist Barbary Coast 060

English Smokepot Specialist Barbary Coast 112

English Helmsman Crimson Coast 104


French La Delacroix Frozen North 064

French Firepot Specialist Barbary Coast 086

French Smokepot Specialist Barbary Coast 113

French Helmsman Crimson Coast 124


American USS Mercury Mysterious Islands 300

American Diamond Nelson Turner Barbary Coast 216

American Commodore Matthew Perry South China Seas 096

American Helmsman Mysterious Islands 127


Pirate Coleoptera Mysterious Islands 029

Pirate Tia Dalma Caribbean 022a

Pirate Helmsman Crimson Coast 101


Spanish San Cristobal Rise of the Fiends 004

Spanish El Duque Rafael de Moreno y Rivera Crimson Coast 059

Spanish Nemesio Diaz Spanish Main SC-010

Spanish Almirante Carlos Pavón y Miranda South China Seas 069

Spanish Inquisitor Sebastián Blanco Crimson Coast 061

Spanish Helmsman Crimson Coast 107