Reply To: Defeat Davy Jones Fleet Challenge


Yikes, that is a ridiculous point differential. I’ll throw my pirate hat into the ring.

El Acorazado + MI Luis Zuan, Nemesio Diaz, BC Dominick Freda, helmsman, oarsman, stinkpot shot
La Belle Etoile + F&S Lenoir, captain, helmsman
Constitution + Jonathan Haraden, OE Montana Mays, BC Diamond Nelson Turner, helmsman, oarsman, stinkpot shot
Rover + Jonah, Tia Dalma
Jolly Mon + The Hag of Tortuga

Not expecting this to do well, just figured I’d throw a “cancelling cluster” into the mix. Came up with it quick and hoping that the cancellers will help the big baddies to actually get first strikes on some of the opposition to pick them off. Intention is to protect the larger vessels at the start with the Rye and Rover (moving the whole fleet at S speed in a cluster if necessary) in front of the main three.