Reply To: Defeat Davy Jones Fleet Challenge


The Hammer of Admiral Norrington

Nothing subtle here. I’ve tried to maximise the survivability and fire-power of the ships by taking a fine contribution from each faction… except the pirates who cheaped out and plan to profit from this venture.

Strategy wise, the fleet needs to stick together as a block of sheer muscle and cannons, with the pirates close at hand to swoop in and nab any derelict they can reach. The fleet would stick together near each fort until it is destroyed, looking to repair as often as possible. Only the pirates would aim to capture ships, while the larger vessels attempt to survive and fight back.

HMS Dreadnought (26) with Admiral James Norrington (7) and Helmsman (2)

El Acorazado (21) with Captain (3) and Helmsman (2)

United States (15) with Captain (3) and Helmsman (2)

Le Gaule (17) with Captain (3) and Helmsman (2) and Explorer (1)

El Dorado (11) with Captain (3) and Helmsman (2)

Absolutely excited to see how this basic ‘turtling’ fleet would fare.