Reply To: Defeat Davy Jones Fleet Challenge

Craig Owen

Well here’s my submission. Mostly I went for the biggest baddest gunships I could find. With the exception of one of my favorite Spanish ship, crew, and equipment combos. Hope you enjoy!
Zeus(OE)23pts+ Hammersmith(F&S)5pts+ Derrick the Red(DJC)6pts+ Oarsmen(x6)6pts

USS Kettering(FN)16pts+ Captain3pts+ Helmsman2pts

El Algeciras(OE)3pts+ Luis Zuan(RotF)2pts+ Stinkpot Shot 1pt

HMS Grand Temple(OE)15pts+ Hermione Gold(RotF)5pts+ Trevor Van Tyne(RotF)2pts+ Crimson Angel(OE)5pts+ Commodore Rhys Griffin Owen(BC)0pts

Le Soleil Royal(Rev)13pts+ Robert Surcouf(BC)7pts+ Porthos(BC)4pts+ Helmsman2pts