Reply To: Collection Display


I like the idea of storing the plates in a binder. I’ll get a few card sleeves to keep them safe between games. It will also save quite a lot of space if I can just stand them on a shelf. Thanks!

I got all the ships assembled and they fill quite a lot more space than I first anticipated. I’m thinking the glass cabinet with shelves would be the best option. The cabinets are pretty cheap and I can organise shelves into factions, subdividing shelves into sets. I can then look at the ships, easily find what I need and if I’m careful, avoid inadvertently destroying any with my inate clumsiness.

Saldy, one thing I found when assembling ships was I needed to use a fine scalpel (exacto knife) to expand the slots used to assemble ships. Most sails didn’t fit in and I ended up snapping one early on because it wouldn’t push in with light pressure. I also found that where the ship had two levels, sliding the tabs together scratched off the outer colour. I was pretty miffed and even with a lot of care and carefully expanding the slots for the tabs, a couple of ships STILL managed to lose some of the colour. The white scratch looks awful but is nit that noticeable luckily. Oh well, that’s the game I suppose.