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Was Ramsgate excluded for any reason?

I wanted to get a cheap fort option for the fleet, and Brompton was cheaper. The idea/thought process is that the game won’t last too long, either way I tackle it. If I find a 3 coin early on I can rapidly build Brompton giving the Roci a place to dock and potentially repair, alongside the Fishhook.


With a fleet so ready to explore islands, I’m surprised by all the negative UT’s.

It’s possible I didn’t quite articulate my strategy well enough. Almost none of my ships will be exploring islands, and I’d actually prefer to go second if I ran this fleet. The Roci and Fishhook would take off after the closest enemy gold ship to either straight up steal the treasures or capture the ship. That said, I certainly can and probably would drop some of the UT’s if I ran this fleet in an actual game.


One interesting swap would be taking out the Santa Isabel and Haulers in favor of the Alquimista with Nemesio Diaz. A tiny bit less firepower, but Diaz might end up being better than the Haulers for defense while also providing a way to cancel enemy oarsmen so the MF can snag ships without having to board for crew elimination. If the MF encounters multiple ships with oarsmen it could become frustrating, especially since her middling mast count could provide opportunities for dismasted enemies to beat her in boarding parties (as she tries to eliminate oarsmen). The Alquimista’s +2 bonus could also be perfect with the Rocinante’s hoist and stealing capabilities.


Good point, I hadn’t thought of that. I mostly assume (erroneously it seems) that people will leave oarsmen behind when building a fleet so as to save points on crew and get potentially another ship in their fleet. Ergo I didn’t think that many if any of the opposing ships would have oarsmen, or if they did some of my UT selections would remove them.


The Winner is Xerecs!

Woooo! I’ll think of something for the next challenge. 😀