Reply To: What am I missing?


Unique treasures (I think there were a couple in Revolution)

Unique Treasures (UT’s) have been around since day one, Spanish Main has 6, CC and RV each have between 8 and 9. That sort of holds true for most of the sets going forward from there, somewhere between 7 and 10 UT’s per set.


exciting new things in the game? Would I be limiting my game experience?

You’d be missing out on some of the more fantastical ship designs and types, such as Submarines, Sea Monsters, Galleys, Longships, Hoists, and more.

Possibly, it depends on how you like to play the game. Ben and I like to have huge campaign games that use almost every ship from the game, as well as more competitive strategic games with crazy combos that can only be accomplished with stuff from later in the game. It’s up to you.