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  1. Ok. So I’m understanding more now. There seem to be so much to learn. I imagine that your involvement in the game and all of the associated building, searching and trading is very time-consuming. The prices for the items seem very reasonable, so that is one good aspect for anyone wanting to get involved. Good luck with your next battle!

  2. Indeed, it has become very time consuming. At this point I seem to be the most passionate fan of the game out there, and have a lot of experience with almost everything the game has to offer (much more than just playing). It has evolved over time into an intense passion that I have not grown tired of. 🙂

    And yes, eBay is a great place to get solid prices. For example, a simple search for Pirates CSG returns plenty of results:

    I’m actually planning to play a game tonight to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Savage Shores (the final set) being released! (on the VASSAL module with someone in California – I’m in New York)

    Thanks again!

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