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Today is the Glorious First of June!  The beginning of months can be an exciting time, especially now since if there was any doubt about it being summer, that is now gone.  🙂  The battle is one of my favorite to read about in my studies of naval history, and I would like to do a game about it someday.  Either a mockup with pictures, or an actual deathmatch game played from the point in time when the fleets met.

This actually marks the THIRD post of the day!  In addition to my regular Friday battle report, I wrote an article: Destroy a Fort – How to WRECK forts!  It’s a written and slightly expanded version of the youtube video about the same topic.  I probably won’t do this sort of new content idea often, but it was an easy conversion that allows me to have the same content in multiple formats.  I have an Informational category for pages and posts, so I probably won’t do a separate blog of the same type… still a possibility though!


Deal of the Day: 18 packs of Mysterious Islands for $29.99 with free shipping.  

**Disclaimer: I will be using affiliate links with things like this, so if someone buys from it, I could make a few cents.  XD


Pirates CSG Card of the Day

Set number: 8 – Frozen North

Collector’s Number: 207 – Icicle

Faction Affiliation: Pirate
Rarity: LE
Type: Ship
Point Value: 10
Cargo Space: 3
Base Move: S+L
Cannons: 3L
Number of Masts: 1

Longship. This ship’s crew cannot be eliminated unless she sinks.

Flavor: Rumor has it that Jack Hawkins commissioned this vessel and handpicked her crew.

Here’s a ship I review in the video version of this blog.  Nothing great, but not a terrible ship either.  You can get the Icicle here.

Standard 40 point games: Empty gold runner, or with a captain. (10/13 total points)

Medium size games (50-100 points): Captain, maybe helmsman or explorer.  (13-15 total points)

Large games (over 100 points): Probably not much, since it’s so vulnerable to being rammed or sunk out of commission.  With that ability, you could experiment with putting a 0LR +5 crew or Calypso aboard.

Game Piece Rating: 5/10.  Sure she’s not very beneficial to the Pirates, but there’s not much inherently wrong with this ship.  At 7-8 points she’d probably get a 7/10.  Perhaps underrated, but mostly due to her rarity and factional competitiveness.


Picture of the Day

Since June 2015 was basically the month when I played almost every day for Economy Edition, you can expect to see more pictures from that game.  Here you get a nice birds-eye view of a clash between the English and Americans!  More on that later….

High above the action with a view from Thompson’s Island!

new content idea

One of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of this game. I love the vibrancy of the colors, along with everything in the frame – a pretty ship, a fort (one of my favorite types of game pieces), along with islands, coins, and reefs!


It’s a Pirates’ Life for Me.


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