9/1/2018 – Progress Update #8

9/1/2018 – A BIG breakthrough!
-Ran httrack on the MT database page for Spanish Main first edition to only take picture files (jpg, etc). “Get separated files” didn’t work, basically returned nothing downloaded. Then ran “download web site” with the same criteria (supposed to only download files with picture extensions like .jpg, .png, etc). This worked!! I now have all the picture files from Miniature Trading for Pirates CSG. The download returned more pictures than I bargained for, since I was after the max size pictures (a previous httrack run gave me tiny versions of them). It gave me three different sizes, but I seem to have the largest version of each picture in the Pirates database, which is great!

-Another MR up on Pirates with Ben (two actually)

All fleets from VASSAL Tournament #2 (T2) (so all of these fleets are saved)

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