8/29/2018 – Progress Update #6

I do find the timing of all this rather ironic and strange. Wizkids was shut down on November 10th, 2008. Miniature Trading may shut down in late November 2018, almost exactly 10 years to the day. O_O What should we prepare for in 2028? XD Razz

Edited forum at PwB so users can edit posts. (for the next 175 million years anyway lol, initial number was set too high I guess XD)
Got another Miniature Review in text form up on Pirates with Ben
-Tried two Chrome extensions that supposedly download all pictures from a web page – neither worked. One seemed to sign me out of my google account so I’ll probably stick with httrack for now.
-Used a search for “html” in File Explorer in an attempt to find html files of miniature pages (for Pirates of course) or forum topics. Haven’t found much of either, but there’s still a lot to go through. Truly a maze of stuff… some html files link to the same webpage, making it even more confusing. Plus I’ve got a ton of stuff from other (non-Pirates CSG) games.
-Generally struck out with trying new stuff. I still am on the lookout for programs or maybe extensions that give me a way to download entire forum topics at once somehow (such as a 50 page thread that would be very tedious to download pictures for). Feel free to comment if you’ve used something like this (repagination, downthemall, etc. are some I’ve seen)

Custom Ships Organized Version https://imgur.com/a/yF3hU5L

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