8/28/2018 – Plan + Progress Update #5

1. Get a searchable database at Pirates with Ben
-I already have picture files for most or all of the miniatures via a somewhat successful run of httrack. Most are not the full size so I hope to get the bigger versions of the pictures with more attempts.
-Woelf plans to share set spreadsheets with me, which should give me the correct versions of all miniature information. If there are any hitches with that, using the right scan settings/filters on httrack should give me html files for all miniature pages (haven’t found them yet in existing httrack downloads) which should be convertible to a spreadsheet from there.
–With those two items I should be able to create a database eventually, the how part is still to be determined.

2. Working forum at Pirates with Ben + Save info from MT forum
-The former is in progress but not nearly as high a priority as the database. Forum is up and running, posts show up, someone successfully joined and posted, threads and posts show up, etc – those are the main basics that are essential of course. Eventually I’ll mess around with settings to hopefully improve it a lot, better layout/look, hopefully change where the Login/Register buttons are, etc.
-Full page screen capture works great for saving threads from MT, but the picture files aren’t searchable like the text of course. I hope to find some kind of automated solution that gives me either full text from entire threads (Custom Ships, Rules thread, etc…) or pictures of the same, without me having to copy/save everything one by one. Not sure that httrack will help with this, but plan to look into other programs.

3. Trading system?
-No idea if this will even be looked at before October or beyond, but ideally between the database and the existing user profile format at PwB, I might even be able to implement some kind of trading solution as well. No promises because I’m basically still in the first stage of step 1! XD

Fooled and played around with httrack for a while this morning – stuff I tried didn’t seem to work (trying to extract Pirate images from MT without downloading html), but I do seem to have most of the images on my computer now…
Put another of my Miniature Reviews on PwB as a text post
-Once again I looked at what httrack has downloaded for me from MT, and it seems I have html files for user profiles instead of the same for Pirates game pieces. Oh well, need to refine things and keep learning I guess.

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