July 26th, 2011

So today I had the English depart to collect treasure from a far-off island. The Amercs have a full fleet and were looking for a fight, so they scouted the area around their colonies and the Terror sighted the English fleet heading back to their harbour. She stayed submerged and alerted her fleet at the island, then went to the Amerc harbour and asked for some reinforcements, which the admiral of the fleet gladly provided. Then they returned to the island and put many frigates and a trio of subs on surveillance to watch to see if the English returned to take over the wild island. Sure enough, they came back with an impressive force of 20 ships of the line, still unaware of the Amercs’ plan to attack. Hopefully that engagement will happen tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Franco-Spanish prepared for their massive journey to the French harbour, taking all their troops, artillery, and supplies with them. The Pirates prepared quite well for the upcoming battle, which will be by far the largest yet. The Pirates sent the Raven to the Spanish harbour to spy on the Franco-Spanish and report back to the Pirates when they departed, the allies not seeing the Raven in the fog:rolleyes:. The Pirates also staked out the French harbour and are lying in wait offshore with another 30 ships of the line, not including reserves.

If things go as planned, both battles should happen tomorrow, and it will especially be interesting to see who wins the bigger fight, and if the victor can force a decisive action.

Good night! 😀

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