Reply To: Introduce Yourself! Join the Crew!



Thanks for letting me join — I was referenced here by my cousin, who goes by El Tiburon. He and I have been playing this game since it was first released, which over the years it’s become more and more difficult to find people that either still play or have even heard of it. Safe to assume you all know this, which is why we are all here.

I used to have a massive collection, but over the years I gave most away or sold it off. Mostly because it became too difficult to find players (especially after Savage Shores) and because I’ve dwindled my fleet down to what I tend to enjoy playing with. The rest I handed off as initial incentives to get new folks to start.

My favorite faction are the Barbary Corsairs, to which I use the majority of the time. When that set was released, I remember the majority of the community were not pleased with them but I had found what I was looking for and have relished in in their effectiveness (and sometimes challenges) since. I don’t really enjoy sailing any of the big 6 (i’ve kept a little Spanish and Pirate) but I do have a soft spot for the minor factions.

In order I would say my preference would be this:

1) Barbary Corsairs, 2) Jade Rebellion, 3) Vikings, 4) Spanish, 5) Mercenaries and 6) Pirates

I enjoy this game for a few reasons, mostly the human interaction… which in this day & age tends to grow less and less with online gaming being more prevalent… albeit the boardgame wave of innovation that came from Europe is still rising. Also, I enjoy history and appreciate what the developers have done in trying to inject some of that flavor in this environment.

50% Collector / 50% Player and I will certainly be trying to get VASSAL to work soon as the availability of players in my local area is super rare to none.

Thank you again, looking forward to perusing through the massive vault of info here.