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That’s a good point about how it could be used to unfairly delay ships. I was thinking that that would be a nerf, but it might actually be less powerful if you had to risk everything at once.


So for my next game, I’m coming up with a scenario sort of riffing off your Economy Edition but not quite as intensive, but still quite long. I ordered Aruj Barbarossa online, and as it will take between 2-3 weeks to get here from the UK, I’m coming up with a scenario to play in the meantime.

The Barbary Corsairs have to survive until Barbarossa arrives. The Knights of Malta (Spain/England/France mixed fleet) are trying to starve them out.

Each of them will start with 40 point fleets, and can exchange coins for ships/crew at their HI of equal value. The Corsairs have three HIs: Tunis, Tripoli, Algiers. The Knights of Malta only have Malta. As long as at least one HI remains under Corsair control when Barbarossa arrives, they’ll win.

Named crew can not be regained if they’re eliminated. Same with ships. The Barbary Corsairs may use generic Pirate crew if I run out of generic Corsairs.

The part I’m taking from your Economy Edition is food and blockades. All three islands need to feed themselves, afterall. So in addition to new ships/crew, they can turn gold into food, probably at a 1:2 ratio. Each HI goes through one food per turn. The Knights of Malta can declare a blockade if one of their ships is within L of a Barbary HI. A blockading ship will eliminate one food per mast it currently has per turn. If a Barbary HI runs out of food, and a Maltese ship is blockading it, it surrenders. If Malta runs out of food… I don’t know. They don’t lose, though.

Finally, ALL Barbary Corsair ships are considered to have the Barbary Banner UT on board, and ALL Malta ships are considered to have the Banner of Malta UT on board.