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You can see my collection history here, since then it’s been a lot of trades.

I got Paradis de la Mer, Libellule, Le Soleil Royal, and I’ll be getting the Bon Marin soon.

Wow, that sounds like a fleet right there!  🙂

It’s really fun to come up with ship combos and just building fleets!

No kidding! I’ve been in that stage many times throughout my pirating career.  XD  For now I’m pretty satisfied with my 117+ fleets submitted at MT.

I’m hitching the Mont Blanc to the Bonne Chance for a sweet 7 guns moving at SSS.

I love that combo!  😀

: Nice pulls, 40 packs is a lot!

@Jack: Yeah, MI is kind of disappointing in general IMO.

UPDATE: My copy of Bon Marin is misprinted!! The holes for the port hull are a few millimeters closer to the center than they should be, so I’m not sure if the hull will fit.

Perhaps you can file the deck or hull in order to make it work.

HMS Grand Temple is really neat. Only 6-master I own is Grand Mountain which is probably the worst one.

You could make the case that she’s better than the Grand Wind and Grand Dynasty, but those are definitely the bottom 3.  If you get sick of the GM, feel free to proxy one of my many custom 6 masters from Pirates of the Epic Seas.  (21 for the Jades alone!) 🙂