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Opponent 3 had another HMS Grand Temple as well, but he chose not to crew his ship, adding another empty ship alongside the Temple; the Musarde.

Yikes, that sounds like only 28 points.  That’s one thing I’ve had to explain to newbies – if you have even one or two less points than you can have in your fleet, that could honestly make the difference between winning and losing.

Wow, OE Fantasma on the Constitution sounds brutal.  🙂

The Temples were the highlight of the game

No surprise there, they have a way of doing that.

Due to how the linking rules wok, the Spanish main version of Skyme will only link to the Spanish main version of Jack Hawkins, since his link text specifies ‘Captain Jack Hawkins’ and thee are no other ‘Captain Jack Hawkins’, just Jack Hawkins.

However, you may link both versions of Skyme the Monkey to the Spanish Main version of Jack, since his link text specifies ‘Skyme the Monkey’ and the two versions of Skyme are spelled the same way, therefore both versions may link to ‘Captain Jack Hawkins’.

No.  Page 4.  This is why the Code should be checked constantly, to avoid spreading misinformation.

I do like the Captain Jack and DJC Skyme pairing a lot, regardless.

I like it more now, kinda pricey but neat.  Crew with Hoard are tough since they take up a valuable space you wanted the extra gold to be in.