Reply To: Pulls/Purchases Thread


I see you’re pining for the Jannisarie’s Blood. She’s amazing for what she does, I’m going to put a Smokepot and Murat on her along with a captain and maybe a helmsman or a firepot. That’ll make her incredibly maneuverable and deadly, on top of being able to use Smokepot tricks to make getting to her difficult. Her reverse captain ability allows her to broadside someone with 3 cannons, maybe shoot a firepot, and then use the Smokepot to move into the newly created fog bank and become invisible.

For the French fleet, I’m using a couple oarsmen on the Soleil with Arathiel to make it extra deadly, and I’m hitching the Mont Blanc to the Bonne Chance for a sweet 7 guns moving at SSS.  I’m really excited to try this fleet out!