Reply To: A game in every pack!


My first several dozen games were with one pack of Spanish Main and one Crimson Coast. I got a lot of mileage out of it.

That sounds amusing; I like hearing about Pirates origin stories and why people like certain ships more than others.  HMS Lord Walpole and HMS Birkenhead will always have a special place in my collection as my first English ships.

I got some college friends into it, but I don’t live near them anymore (+ done with college), hence my lack of physical playing compared to 2015-2017 (started teaching people in 2015).

It’s not even about the investment I have in the game, it’s more about actually playing the game since it’s really fun and honestly, I can kind of see how Ben has been playing this for years.

Indeed.  For me the variety is incredible – 14 sets (including RtSS but not including tons of customs), over 1,000 ships, essentially endless build total options (generally in the range of 10-500 points though lol), and TONS of Game Ideas and huge games to play.