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Any other variants on how to play the game that people have done?

That’s why this thread and the associated page linked above exists – I may still sticky it so it’s more visible.  I merged your topic into this one so there won’t be tons of different threads about the same topic over time.

The Game Ideas page has enough content to keep you busy for many years.  I’ve done a bunch of them, but there are more rulesets and scenarios I’d like to play than I have already played, and I’m the most experienced Pirates player (that we know of haha).

Since you like the general cumulative game rules, I’d suggest the Campaign Game rulesets.  Economy Edition is a classic and looks to be the basis for many games going forward, including both the current CG4 and THC.  If you don’t have time, simply varying the build total and player/fleet count is fun.  3-4 players at 60-100 points can be really great.  Also don’t be afraid to go tiny.  Control multiple fleets of only 10-25 points for some wackiness, especially when combined with Water World or other stuff.

If you do come up with your own variant(s), feel free to share them here so I can add them to the list!