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Questions for James Ernest

When and how did you get involved with the Pirates project?

What is your collection like?

General overview of how sets were designed and finalized.

What sets did he work on?

Favorite set and game piece you designed or worked on?  Least favorites?

At the game’s apex, how many people were working on the game?

What other designers and artists did you work with?

Did multiple people work on the flavor text, or was one person mainly in charge of the game’s lore?

How did Wizkids make the ships?  How were they printed and stamped?

How did Wizkids decide on points and ship stats and in general come up with the ships?

What thoughts/concept went behind the development of the ships and crew?

What were the main inspirations for the different expansions?

How did they determine what strategies were “good” for a pack?

What, in your opinion, are the most OP ships or strategies?

What were some of his ideas that never made it into the game?

Does he recall any sets/plans or potential directions Wizkids had in the works? What was the direction they had planned for the game? (other than more fantasy/less historical as reported by Kelly Bonilla)

How much did PotC affect DJC/OE/etc?

After the Pirates of the Caribbean expansion, were there any plans to do another cross-over?

What were some of the future ideas for special ships? (more Pokeships/etc? Or less extreme stuff)

Favorite memories of Pirates and his experience?

What are things he would have changed in hindsight?

How did you get out of Pirates?

Where did it all go wrong with Pirates?

What do you think is the biggest reason that Pirates CSG went out of print?

Opinion on the effect of 2008 recession and general economics on the game?

Do you have any idea how the Shuffling the Deck card game did in sales? Is NECA wanting to do more with pirates in general?

Do you think the game has a chance to come back in the future?

How do you think it could come back – digital vs. physical?

Do you happen to know exactly what patent concerns the rights to produce Pirates CSG?  Have you had experience with the patents for other games expiring and being open to anyone reproducing the game?

If Pirates CSG came back, would you want to return to it?

What are you doing now?

Where can people find you online?


Other: Cagway Bay similarities to Pirates, there was a Pirates event at PAX Unplugged in November 2017, Gencon festivities, great YouTube channel.