Reply To: Interesting News


I’ll probably do that, but like I said, I’m hesitant. I’m not sure how they (we?) would be able to clean things up. It’d be great to have the old account back, but starting over might be less of a hassle.

As a relatively new owner of a website where people can sign up, I can say for sure that I’d rather have someone try to smooth over an issue rather than sneaking in without my knowledge under a new account name.

If the system or admin catches your IP/etc, you might just get banned right away anyway.  I hate to say it, but keep in mind that you got banned for a reason.  You may disagree with the reasoning to some extent, but the admin has their own rules.

Also, it would be a bit weird if you were able to come back and your brothers weren’t, when they were the completely innocent parties involved.  :\