Reply To: The Podcast Thread


Sorry meant to respond sooner, busy weekend. Yeah, I think Woelf is right, there’s gonna be a lot of potential rule issues with the Action Phase System. I’m still wondering if I can make it fully work though…

For me also, I was in a pretty unique situation when I started playing in the fact that I had a big group that would play. My brother, dad, and friends we’re really into it, so we would have these massive 6 or so player battles that would take forever if everyone were just given one action per turn. Trying to keep 6 people on track while we’re enjoying the time together was pretty hard (and explaining the rules to new-comers), so we started allowing a player to move and shoot in our death-matches. And rule discrepancies we would handle as we went. Definitely had some disagreements, but almost always we used the rules as a guide to make a fair decision. A bit unorthodox for sure, but we had a blast!