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@J.: Welcome!

I stopped playing after the sea monsters were released because finding players to play was becoming increasingly difficult.

In your area, do you think that was because of the sea monsters, or just declining popularity of the game in general?

No gameboard is needed and I like how miniatures give me a sense of being high in the sky.

I enjoy that too – the scale of the game is great for naval scenarios and fleet actions.

I Googled info on POTSM in November or December of 2018, found your site and it’s the only Pirates CSG site that I knew of before reading some of this topic’s 2nd and 3rd entries today.

Great to know, thanks.  I’m happy to have gotten rankings in Google.

: Great to see you back on board!  🙂

I also do some miniature painting and terrain making and want to full-fill my 14 year dream of making an epic custom game board for pirates in 2019.

Nice!  That can be very fun, and it might inspire you to play, accomplishing two goals at once!  😀