Reply To: The Podcast Thread


Been greatly enjoying the podcast Ben. I’m super appreciative of your dedication to this game after so many years. I was on miniature trading for a while under the same name, but it’s been years since I’ve been active.

I had a potential podcast topic idea. First off, the rules I use to play with family and friends have slowly morphed into our own rule-set over the years, with death-match being primarily how we play. I generally like looking at games/rules with as realistic of a mindset as possible, and something that always frustrated me was that in our games we would spend so much time skirting our fleets around each other, with one fleet finally moving in and getting obliterated before they could even fire back (which in terms of realism doesn’t make sense IMO).

Now to the actual question, have you ever tried to use alternating turn by turn combat for individual ships during combat? For example, 5 of my brothers ships move into range of 5 of mine, it’s now my turn, and I choose to fire at him, but instead of all 5 of my ships firing before he can do anything, we tried where 1 of my ships could first (I get an advantage due to my tactical positioning), but after that we alternate firing back and fourth until the battle is finished. We tried several ideas, like all my ships could fire 2 of their cannons each, and then my brother could fire back alternating turns during combat.

I hope all this makes sense (my rules knowledge, while it used to be extensive, is very rusty after years of not playing), but I was hoping you could discuss this on the podcast with a guest, I’d love to hear your guy’s opinions on alternating combat.