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Username origin:  First initial of my first name.  I kept at least 1 of each Pirates of the Spanish Main gamepiece that I thought was strong and bought.  All replaced in their cards and in cardboard boxes.  I stopped playing after the sea monsters were released because finding players to play was getting harder.
When:  I got into POTSM within 1 year (maybe 6 or 8 months) after Wizkids started selling the product.  How:  My older sister’s friend introduced her and I to it because they were and are into games.  Why:  No gameboard is needed and I like how miniatures give me a sense of being high in the sky.  The trait that they are in a game add additional fun for me with the miniatures.

I’m 96% player and 4% collector.

My favorite thing about the Pirates CSG is a board is unnecessary.

I Googled info on POTSM in November or December of 2018, found your site and it’s the only Pirates CSG site that I knew of before reading some of this topic’s 2nd and 3rd entries today.  So I don’t have aliases at other Pirates CSG sites.

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