Reply To: Blank packs?


there’s really no limit to the potential designs – find a couple pictures or photos of any ship type in history and it could be created.

Great point.  We could have ketches, barques, alternative sail plans, etc.

AR/VR games are neat, but they’ll never completely replace physical games, at least not in our lifetimes, and many people will actively avoid them.

Agreed for the most part, but our lifetimes will hopefully be longer than we were originally expecting… which could mean a lot in a lot of ways.  I think the people actively avoiding some of the best potential VR experiences of the intermediate to long term future could miss out.  Reminds me of a thing I did at Disney World in Florida way back in like 2002 or something – captain a ship and man the cannons.  An immersive Age of Sail experience like Naval Action with the balance, smells, and sights of being on a wooden sailing ship would be incredible.

Letting player groups decide on their own whether to allow customs and which particular customs is the right way to do it.

Indeed, I see the “anything goes” approach working better than massive oversight by some company and a few employees.  All customs could be legal until proven otherwise (meaning OP stuff would be banned/get a cost increase).