Reply To: Community too scattered?


As-is, things are a little scattered, but it also feels a little overwhelming, with the number of places now that you can go to for pirates stuff.

I feel that way when I go to post a new video/etc.  So many places to put the link in order to maximize reach/views.  It’s nice and kinda just a hallmark of the modern internet/social media, but it feels kinda empty sometimes when I post content in 5+ places and get little to no engagement in any of them.

The growth of the FB group is kinda weird.  For “225 members”, the activity level is stagnant and disappointing.  It’s also far too “instant” and seems vanity-based – a “welcome to new members” post that takes 5 seconds to submit gets way more likes than my best youtube videos or most interesting discussion topics, and if there isn’t a picture associated with a post, it will automatically get way less likes than if a random picture is assigned to it.  Reminds me of the Instagram fake followers problem.  It doesn’t seem like more than 1-10% of the “membership” count of any given platform or group will bother participating at all.

Thanks for the feedback, lots of similar sentiment.  I’ll keep doing my best but I can’t change others’ behavior.