Reply To: Community too scattered?


So jumping between the two forums does give me a sense of disconnect.

Agreed.  Part of it is a combination of some people not migrating from there to here, some people that have joined here not posting as much as they might at MT, and people not migrating because MT is still up.

When I learned of MT’s potential demise I had to do everything possible to get this forum up and running with reasonable features and a membership system.  Naturally, very soon after I PM’d all the Pirates fans at MT to join PwB, I got the message from the admin of MT saying that MT might stay open.  XD

Unfortunately both of Xerecs’ brothers got caught up in his trade issue banning, so MT was inevitably declining a bit from that.  I think things would look more consolidated if MT was gone by now as I had expected it to be, so for as long as it stays up, there may simply be confusion.  I just want to host my own Pirates content.

Facebook is nearly ubiquitous and it’s pretty obvious that people feel more comfortable posting at the FB groups than participating here.  (whether they should or not, given FB’s “issues” in the recent past if you will)  Speaking of issues, youtube has their own detractors at this point for very valid reasons, but if that gets worse there will hopefully be other free video sharing platforms.

Thanks for the feedback!