Reply To: The Podcast Thread


I think my alternate way of posting the podcast is why your quotes have the coding in them… yet another thing on my Pirates to do list….

There certainly are issues such as putting him on a Home island raider and then teleport right to the home island could very easily be a game changer in that regard.

Great point.  I have a feeling his ability could be OP and swing games too much.

I like the variety, I enjoy hearing the ideas of new game pieces and potential strategy behind them.

I like the way you phrase that.  It really is like looking at new game pieces for the first time, similar to the previews from back in the day and when a brand new set was released.  Since it’s unlikely that there will be “official” game pieces released again, customs are the best thing we have, and it CAN be exciting.  Kinda tired of relying on a company that appears to have no interest in the game for say on “official” stuff.  I reckon that almost everyone who plays consistently at this point uses at least one house rule (sometimes accidentally if they don’t know the rules well enough), so why not consider most customs borderline “official” and certainly available for playing. (as long as both players agree of course)

I like your thoughts on Paradise Island.  Funny enough I made a custom lighthouse today (concept, not physical like the ones used in CTO), just have to input it to the spreadsheet and work out any issues.