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I bought a new Spanish Main pack and received the HMS Leicester(045) I’m confused because the 2nd and 3rd ship plates designate the ship as uncommon (silver) but the 1st ship plate  has a different color, not quite gold, more of a bronze. What does this designate? Not sure how to upload a photo but will try to add one to this post later.

Thanks for the help.

Ahoy!  XD  I have moved this topic to the main forum because it is general Pirates CSG content that doesn’t belong in the Black Mongoose Tavern.

This is a common problem found in Spanish Main Unlimited.  A decent amount of uncommons have off-colored rarity corners.  HMS Leicester is an uncommon, and all her cards are that rarity.  For whatever reason, the printing of some cards resulted in different colors – not sure if it was a glitch or they originally had the bronze/brown color as the uncommon color at some point.  I’ve had the same thing with other ships from that set, and I’m pretty sure any cards with the bronze coloring are uncommon. (that I’ve seen at least, though there might be some weirdness with rares)

If you ever have any doubts as to a game piece’s rarity, you can look it up in the Master Spreadsheet to confirm.

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