Reply To: The Podcast Thread


Glad to see the first Podcast of 2019. Thanks to everyone who participates in this content. Listening to your discussions and topics of Pirates is away fun while I work and I greatly appreciate the work you all put in.

Thanks, that’s great to hear!

Thank you for the suggestions and feedback.  Xerecs and I both enjoy reviewing customs, and you and Cazador enjoy that too, so we’ll probably continue that to some extent.

Covering the Rankings threads is a possibility.  I think it would be best as a debate topic – each person who would be scheduled for that episode would make their ranked list (possibly different than before if their opinion has changed), and then there would be a debate about the differences.  I’m just worried that it would devolve into playing differences, such as 40 points vs. campaign games.  Or simply playing preferences – Xerecs is far luckier with Broadsides Attack than almost anyone else, so he has a different view of the ability.  In addition, I’ve spent SO much time making rankings and publishing and republishing them.  This is part of why I don’t want to do more ship reviews in almost any form – I’ve talked about almost every ship in the game at least twice between the set reviews and Collection Review Series on youtube, and some 3+ times.  There’s a big reason I’m republishing a lot of content at PwB – evergreen content that can be preserved for people to look at years from now, so I don’t have to repeat myself whenever someone asks the same question I’ve seen/heard before.  There was also decent participation in a lot of the original threads at MT, so plenty of the discussion/debate has already been had.  However I like the idea of trying a Rankings debate to see how it goes.  Let me know if you’d like to participate in that kind of thing.

I have asked Woelf about being on an episode, but there are some technical difficulties to work out.  A phone call may or may not be a way around that.  You must have read my mind though, because one of my podcast goals for this year is to reach out to the game designers themselves (plus other people involved with the game I hope) in an attempt to get them on the podcast!  Although the 3 episodes from the 17th seem to have been recorded without a hitch, I’d prefer to fix my (possibly trivial?) computer issue first because I really don’t want to have issues if it was a big episode like that.

Good final suggestion too.  We’ve consistently advertised in the past that just about anyone is welcome to guest on the podcast, but perhaps reaching out directly to some people could help more.  A lot of people seem to have moved on permanently from actively participating with anything to do with the game, or stop responding.

I like the suggestions though, and hope the podcast will have another good year.