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Pirates CSG Podcast #38: News, Game Essentials, Playing Solo, Pirate Code Page, Try 20 Point Fleets!



New Idea: Challenge.  Your next game of Pirates CSG should NOT be at 40 points!  (20/60/etc)

Question of the Day: Any ideas for new segments we could pursue?

News: MT alive into the new year.  Posting entire story of EE game on IG:

Obago Deuce for $500!


(one previous known high was $232.50, hard to find others that have been exchanged since vosarnath’s at MT a handful of years back)

-Having slight technical issues that may compromise podcast episodes and THC a bit

-Between godmason being busy, my impending life changes, somewhat declining content base, and technical issues, expect shorter and less episodes this year.  Suggesting topics is great!!

-Short solo episodes may sometimes be even less than 30 minutes, I can cover a bunch of stuff quickly it seems, especially with only one opinion on each topic.

-Trying to do a post/page every day at PwB, going through MT content for some of my best stuff

-Commenting on my content at PwB will help the site grow and be popular as a “hub” for Pirates CSG – plus I’ll respond to all comments!!  Thank you!

-Looking at podcast data from SE, seem to have about 33 unique IP’s per episode.

Game essentials – measuring card or straws – latter great for arches and planning moves/premeasuring,  Use a big d6 from SE boxes/etc for ease of use and likely better results (fun idea though – 10 tiny d6 for a Zeus shoot action since all cannons the same)

Another idea on playing solo without favoring a faction – really delve into each faction, especially before playing.  Maybe stop playing favorites in general, force yourself to use a faction you’ve NEVER played before. Read a book on the Spanish Empire and then see if you like playing them better.  Make customs inspired by pop culture to play the Cursed or Vikings, etc. Just think outside the box and try to really become a fan of each faction. Partly due to knowing almost all the ships and crew in the game, I find it easy and fun to play as any faction.  (ex: Vikings in CG4 should be fun, and somewhat groundbreaking in terms of factional play in CG’s)

Try reading to get passionate:

New segment – Random Pirate Code page, muse on rules/strategy of results

Interesting fleets for x point games – try 20 points sometime.  Fast, forces you to be efficient with building, probably no +5’s, easy to get going, fun with multiple players OR multiple fleets per player, etc.  Played Water World game against repkosai in 2017 with Libellule + bonuses, was very fun!!

Libellule fleet:

6 bonuses fleet:

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