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Hello fellow buccaneers!

I’ve been known as skyvoc since I was 10 years old,some odd 17 years ago, combining the tough skytrooper of unreal and the renegade havoc from Command and conquer. I got into pirates about 14 years ago when my uncle and cousins came to visit and brought their collection to play. Altrady a big fan of the freedom of magic the gathering and other strategy games, I was hooked. Spent some summer earnings haulin hay and bought a bunch of cheap packs, never really getting to play again. Fast forward to today, finally dug out my collection organized everything, and played a game with the wife. After she enjoyed it I have started picking up foam, cardboard, and paint from work to begin making 3d terrain and new features to implement. I love pirates because its strategic enough to for me to enjoy, but easy enough to teach new players a fun tabletop game. I hope to bring some interesting photos and hopefully more people into the forum, as once I get into my hobbies I am very passionate about them. I’d say I’m 99% player, and the 1% collector wants to collect them all so I can play with them!