Reply To: Introduce Yourself! Join the Crew!

El Tiburón


I’m really glad that this boat is sailing well and it looks like a really awesome crew here. Thank you Ben for your recent invite through eBay. I’ve been playing since it was first introduced and have done my best to get others hooked. I’m finally retired from military service so hopefully I’ll get some time to dust off the ol’ collection and start playing again.

I have a moderate size collection, maybe 300 ships but my favorite is still the Spanish… and being El Acorazado from the first series to boot. I’ve managed to pull off a few tricks with that boat but lost more skirmishes than I care to mention. It’s a fantastic game and conceptually sound with a ton of play space for customized missions and scenarios. I was blessed to host a 14-man / 4-day massive event back in ’06 – everyone had a ton of fun. Which of course is the point.

Sorry, got a bit chatty there. Thanks everyone and looking forward to being a part of the team here.