Reply To: Pirates CSG Hall of Fame 2018 Voting


My 2018 Pirates CSG Hall of Fame ballot:

Rizz (aka Riz the Bloody)

Rizz has been one of the most helpful community members for many years. He has submitted various documents and uploaded useful files to BGG, including some ship and crew card blanks. He had one of the most entertaining Pirate websites, the Corsairs of Douglas County, until it was taken down around a couple years ago. He did a lot of trades “back in the day” and has various other contributions to the community. (including over 1,000 posts and 16 pages of fleet/MR comments)



lordstu is unfortunately not around anymore, which I did factor into my vote. However, he (I think) held the record for most fleets submitted for a while, at 81 (not to mention 20 Miniature Reviews). What struck me about him was just how engaging nearly all of his posts were. He probably rates highly on the all-time “words per post” if there was such a metric recorded, since many of his posts were very deep into the heart of the game and specific to a degree hardly seen since. I think I’d say he is the deactivated member that I miss most. You can still see his ridiculous contributions to the fleets and MR sections, with nearly 50 pages of comments.  Shocked (I am at 41 pages for reference with more years of commenting, so the volume he did was likely unprecedented (Woelf at 55 pages but over the course of 8 years instead of about 4 for lordstu’s 49 pages). I counted 20 responses to a page in that search, which means lordstu has almost 1,000 comments on fleets and MR’s alone!



Tony Vigil was the Rules Arbitrator before Woelf took over, and I believe the only other RA.  One of the most important people in Pirates CSG history outside of the game designers themselves.