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Well, since you asked, I would like to hear a discussion on various historical ships represented in the game. Perhaps comparing/contrasting their role and setup in the game as opposed to reality. Why some persons or ships never made it into the game. For example, why no HMS Victory or Lord Nelson? Why is the Philadelphia a 2-masted blockade runner in game when it actually was a 36-gun frigate in real life? Just some thoughts to consider!

I agree.  We did a very brief segment on the F&S historical pack, but it would be interesting to examine things more in-depth.  It’s definitely something we’d have to spend a bunch of time on researching, or look in Miniature Trading to see if there’s information there.  Wizkids definitely dropped the ball on representing ships (and even crew, like Dragut) accurately.  Some other people have brought up that putting too many historical things into the game would potentially bring up legal problems from the descendants of historical figures, or something like that.

Here’s a great classic thread you can check out:

The Direction of the game, from the Designer.

It’s also one of the primary reasons I’m making a massive historical custom set.