Reply To: Introduce Yourself! Join the Crew!


Hey Everyone,

My username is just my first name and last initial so nothing special.  I started playing pirates back in the fall of 2005 after a college buddy saw them in our local gaming store and wanted to try them out.  Once I got some of my own I was hooked and played all the time.  I still get together once a year for an entire weekend with six or seven of my old college buddy’s and play nine or ten games.

I’m pretty much 100% player.  I’ve only focused on equally building up four nations (American, English, Pirate, & Spanish) so that I can play with others who don’t have their own pieces.  Focusing on these four has also allowed me to minimize how much I have to spend and to learn those four nations really well too.  My favorite thing about Pirates CSG is the strategy involved and how many different strategies you can come up with to win.  MT is the main site I visit for this game.