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Jean Lafitte

As you can see my name here shows up as Jean Lafitte which is the inspiration for my usual online username lafittejean which is of course derived from the famed pirate Jean Lafitte who stars in the Revolution set but with whom I became familiar with studying history.
I got into Pirates CSG maybe 8 years ago or so, my mother bought me a Crimson Coast Pack and after a couple tins and I was hooked.
Right now I’m pretty much a pure collector with how busy I am with work much less actually getting around to playing games with people but I host ambitions to maybe actually play the game if I can find someone.
Pirates fascinates me with the tactile feel of the ships combined with an interesting approach tabletop wargaming that seems to be nonexistant beyond the product lines directly related to it.
On MT I am known as lafittejean and I’m also part of the FB group.