Reply To: Introduce Yourself! Join the Crew!

Andrew Mullen

Ahoy there! I be pirateaj14, sailing over from the sinking ship that is Miniature Trading. Even though that site is going down, the work Ben has done here is really exciting, especially since it’s to keep the Pirates community alive for longer.

My username was something I made up. Nothing special, but something I could remember easily and got my point across.

I got a Pirates of the Revolution pack back in 2011, after the game was discontinued. I bought some other ships, but they stayed in a box until 2017, when I pulled them out again, studied the rules, and started playing the game. The concept of the game is nice and the ships are fantastic.

I’m almost completely a player, but i have almost 2 of every ship type in the game. 99% player, 1% collector.

I love the history and the aesthetics of the ships, crew, and other pieces in this game. It gives it a nostalgic feel and you can really put some good fleets together. My favorite ship is the Enterprise from the ole US of A.

I go by pirateaj14 on other sites (pretty much only miniature trading and board game geek).

Looking forward to sharing ideas and thoughts here on the forum!