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ernie prado

I started playing in 2007, my best friend worked at the game store and I would go there on my days off and play Warhammer, I noticed all the kids were playing this game with ships and I started watching them play.

A couple of the kids asked if I wanted to learn to play and then proceeded to teach me  and I was hooked. It was quite a sight since I was already 44 at the time and I was being schooled by 13 year olds.

The playing of Pirates at the game store was a short run once the next new hot game out, I did have some adult friends that played but games were far a few between.

I have given away a lot of cards trying to get people into the game over the years with little luck, must of been the fact they were Ocean’s Edge,this is pretty much when I shifted into just a hardcore collector.

After all these years my wife showed some interest in my “Little Boats” and she is becoming a great Captain in her own right, We currently have a long running game on the table right now.

I am also active on the FB group page.

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