Reply To: Introduce Yourself! Join the Crew!

Matt Lovell

Figured I’d start with this since introducing myself was about my third post over at MT since I kept putting it off.

So how I got into Pirates. I got into CCG’s in general with Star Trek in 1994 and played various games through 2005. Sometime in late 2005 or early 2006 my then girlfriend picked up a random pack, pretty sure Crimson Coast and we played it eventually and liked it. A lot. We got married later in 2006 and actually spent quite a bit of $$ on our honeymoon buying whatever packs or boxes (so much SCS and DJC) we could find throughout places we went (civil war battlefields in Alabama and Mississippi, definitely not a typical honeymoon).

Definitely started more player with over time job changes and moving (and currently renovating my house slowly) turning me more into a collector. Getting back more into playing now and got the kids into a game the other weekend. Lets go 25% player right now but always have been a completest, even when I’d play constantly. VASSAL is on my to-do list. eventually.

Username has pretty much has been some version of Karakas529 everywhere since mid-nineties. Origin of it… a variation of a daytime soap opera characters last name and my scout troop growing up.

Ben – Not quite your long term goal of playing on a sailing ship but I have played games on an aircraft carrier, pier-side though, not underway.