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Ahoy there!

I am a long time member of Minature Trading; I originally joined in 2005 but didn’t log in for 30 days because I got deployed to Iraq.  So I had to remake my account and start over. (I am robert152 there).  I only wrote one review over there, The Star of Siam.

My favorite thing about Pirates CSG was, well, the SHIPS!  I have always been fascinated with Pirates and their ships, their lives, and their culture.  So when I saw this game at a local gaming store I bought a whole booster box and pulled an HMS Titan on my first pack!  From then on I was hooked and bought packs as often as I could get them, then moved on to buying ships on ebay to round out my collection.  But after getting married and living life I sold off most of my collection but still have my favorite ships tucked away in a few plastic containers.

All that to say, I was more of a collector than a player.  I played a little in High School because I had friends who collected and played too.  Perhaps I’ll have to give VASSAL a go!

Thank you Ben for creating this wonderful site and keeping the community alive!

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