Reply To: Introduce Yourself! Join the Crew!


Ahoy there,

I used to be into the game quite a bit back while I was in college (we had a group that would meet once a week to play in the dorms), but haven’t done much other than a couple of trades since the production stopped. I always kept up my Miniature Trading account, though, and seeing the post about its demise, was filled with nostalgia for the game, and decided to sign up here!

I haven’t played in years (the collection is stored away in the closet), but I might get them out when I have the time. I was thrilled to learn about VASSAL, and I will definitely be checking that out when I have a spare moment.

My time is limited at the moment – in real life I am a scientist who studies seabirds (sailing the actual ocean), which gave me my username. “Catharacta” is an old genus name for the larger skuas:, quite fearsome birds.

I was always more player than collector, but I’ve got some collector genes in me 😉

I loved the premise of the game, and how adaptable the strategies were. I’m just glad there are still people out there that keep it alive!